About Me

My name is Amy Anderson, I am a childbirth educator, doula and regional trainer with Birth Boot Camp. I have been drawn to pregnancy and birth since I was young and had always wanted a large family. I have 5 wonderful children, three girls and two boys, some day I hope to adopt and also become a surrogate. I have had a wide range of birth experiences, an emergency cesarean section, a repeat cesarean section, two hospital VBA2Cs (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans), and a HBA2C (homebirth after 2 cesareans).

Going in to my first birth I thought I knew it all, that knowing I wanted a natural birth was all it would take to achieve it, and that my spouse was the only support I would need. After her birth starting and ending very different than I had planned and my second birth also not going as I thought my births would go I knew with my third that I wanted something more, something better, something different from my previous births. I knew if I wanted a better birth this time around that I would have to put forth more effort to educate myself, communicate openly with my support system what I wanted, needed and hoped for in this birth.

I watched videos, read empowering birth stories, read all the books and facts I could about VBA2C's and hired a doula. Going in to this birth I felt I truly had the support every woman needs and deserves to have in labor. I had my rock in my significant other, my mom aka the prayer warrior, my incredibly supportive and empowering doula and an OB who believed in me and fully supported me. After my successful VBA2C and feeling that a great deal of that success had to do with hiring my doula and having a supportive birth team, I decided to become a doula hoping that I could have the same impact on other moms pregnancies, labors and births that my doula had on mine.

My goal is that with my experiences from my own births, and as a doula that I can help couples through Birth Boot Camp classes or as their doula achieve the birth that they desire.

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